I remember it all too well.

I started to tell him about my newest read, a teen romance novel which was surprising because that usually isn’t my favorite kind of book. But with this one, I fell in love since the very first page. I said it was because it reminded me of myself and the love I wish I had received back then. And I couldn’t help but relate to all the quotes and the thoughts of the main character because they were the words I could never say aloud, either.

He said, “Wow you sound like such a girl right now. That’s the girliest thing you’ve said.” But I didn’t see what was wrong with it.

I am a girl; I didn’t see the wrongdoing in acting like one. I mean, I didn’t know that finding a part of myself in a character would make me too much of a “girl” or “too girly.” Does it make me somehow sound weak and fragile? What’s wrong with wishing for a little romance in life?

I think it takes courage to fall in love. So many people run from it. Only the strong ones find it in their soul to stay. I don’t think love makes you weak. Love gives you power. Love gives you strength. Love is the one thing that will make you fearless, as if you were never afraid of a damn thing in your life.

A Story A Day #238 by M.D.L


everything personal


everything personal


Sometimes I read a book or a story and I get really sad because that will never be my life. Other times I’m really glad I’ve never had to rebuild my village after a dragon attack.

I don’t want to spoil anyone so read the book.

Reblog if no one has a crush on you.

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